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First Part Of The Dialogue

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Second Part Of The Dialogue

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Sign your first complete dialogue in
American Sign Language (ASL).

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Of The Questions Below?

Have You Always Wanted To Learn ASL But Feel Intimidated And Unsure How To Start?

Do You See Deaf People Signing And Feel Awkward When Trying To Communicate?

Are You So Busy That In-Person ASL Classes Are Impossible For Your Schedule?

Are You Looking For Online ASL Courses That Include Review And Testing?

Are You Excited To Advance From Single Signs To Phrases & Dialogues?

Have You Been Unable To Find A Live ASL Class In Your Area?

Do You Prefer Learning Sign Language At Your Own Pace?

Do You Want To Learn From The Comfort Of Your Home?

Our ASL content is designed
include students who:

Are starting from zero and have little or no experience with American Sign Language.

Want to improve their skills and supplement their ASL knowledge in addition to or in preparation for "live" classes.

Enjoy studying stress-free, at their own pace, in their own home, for as much or as little time as they wish. Homeschoolers? Oh yeah.

Don't have access to "live" ASL classes or don't feel comfortable participating in "live" interaction.

Prefer more of a "jump in and just start signing" way of learning instead of a traditional classroom-based approach.

Enjoy short, bite size lessons which don't overwhelm the learning process.

Like using two (2) part testing to guarantee retention of their signing and understanding skills.

Appreciate detailed, oral explanations of handshape, hand position, and hand motion for ASL signs, statements, questions, dialogues, narratives, etc.

Need a convenient way to study ASL with their busy work, family, homeschooling, and life schedules.

I have wanted to learn ASL for years. Thank you for making it so easy to learn.

Jayne Timms
Able Lingo ASL Student

How We Can Help You

• Easily Study ASL Even With Your Busy Schedule

• Sign Immediately With Hands-On Video Lessons

Learn From An Instructor Raised With The Deaf

• Study At A Relaxed Pace With Bite-Size Chunks

• Two-Part Tests: 1️⃣ Signing 2️⃣ Understanding

Learn With Content Designed For Beginners

• Absorb Useful, Real-World, Actionable Skills

• Be Delighted With Your ASL Confidence

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What Do You Get?

• Bite Size, Step By Step, Hands-On ASL Instruction

Thirty-Eight (38) Beginner Friendly ASL Courses

• 6000+ Video Lessons, Toggle Captions On/Off

• Over 235 Hours Of Relaxed, No Stress Content

Vocabulary, Statements, Questions, Dialogues

• 2 Part Testing: 1️⃣ Signing 2️⃣ Understanding

• Digital Downloads, Font, eBooks, Printables

• Certificate Of Completion For Each Course

• Useful & Actionable Tips, Tricks, Strategies

A Patient Instructor Full Of Positive Vibes

I love the format, love Michael's positivity and enthusiasm, and love the built-in repetition. I'm learning a lot and it's sticking!

Kara Long
Able Lingo ASL Student

Front & Side Views

• This is the sign for SHOCKED.

• ASL signs are often difficult to learn, imitate, and remember when they're only viewable from the front perspective.

• To guarantee understanding and improve signing ability, we show students the signs from the front and sides.

i ABSOLUTELY ADORE your teaching methods! not a lot of teachers break it down into this many comprehendable parts and you make it 10x easier to learn with raging ADHD. keep it up man

Abbey Hamlin
Able Lingo ASL Student

Two (2) Part Testing

*** Watch above to see two (2) part testing.

• Most online ASL courses focus only on showing students how to sign. They don't take the crucial additional steps to review or test students on their signing and understanding skills.

• To guarantee measurable progress and improvement, our courses include multiple sections of two (2) part testing: 1️⃣ Signing & 2️⃣ Understanding.

The learning process laid out in this course works to not only help me execute a sign accurately, but to also be able to recognize that sign when executed by someone else. This is so huge because other courses I've looked at seem to focus only on the execution piece but, what's the point in being able to speak to someone if you cannot "listen" in return? I find myself practicing my learning throughout the day... This is easy to do since I work from home and am often on conference calls without video. I can just sign as I speak and I repeat back what I hear via a sign. I'm excited to complete this course and move on to the next one.

Julie Duncan
Able Lingo ASL Student

ASL Progress Chart

Course Certificates?

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A Peek Inside

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I have been researching ASL courses for a long time, and the way you teach is incredible. You make it so easy to learn and your way of explaining makes it easy to remember. You have a gift for teaching.

Robbie Andersen
Able Lingo ASL Student

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Course Length: 49 hrs 48 mins
Number of Lessons: 1,787

Learn to sign and understand over one thousand signs. ASL tips, review, and dialogues included!

DOWNLOAD and print the PDF sign checklist from our First 1000+ Essential Signs course. Track your progress. Highlight the extra challenging signs. Return to these lessons for additional practice.

** Watch the full lesson preview above.

First 1000+ Essential Signs

It is exceptional in the way it is being presented and the organization. I can review categories of signs or even an individual sign if I am having difficulty.

Patrick Dorgan
Able Lingo ASL Student

** Watch the intro video above.

Course Length: 11 hrs 48 mins
Number of Lessons: 147

Learn the ABCs in incredible detail. Get LOTS of useful, real-world, fingerspelling experience.

The ABCs + Fingerspelling

So far really good, well thought out and explained. The showing of the signs from all sides is Perfect! and such a visual help! I also really appreciate the explanation of how some signs have multiple meanings/usage. Really well thought out course.

Mikael Hardy
Able Lingo ASL Student
Course Length: 12 hrs 20 mins
Number of Lessons: 201

Learn, practice, review, and master 120 useful ASL statements with 300+ vocabulary signs.

** Watch the full lesson preview above.

First 120 Basic Statements

This teacher is a great instructor, gives clear instructions, and is consistent in his teaching! He makes learning ASL fun and engaging, and I can't wait to take more classes from him. Thank you so much Able Lingo ASL. These are the best ASL classes on the internet that I've found so far.

Able Lingo ASL Student

List of ASL Courses

  • All courses are designed to include beginners and can be taken in any order.
  • Each course independently contains all necessary signs, instructions, and testing to earn the Certificate of Completion.
  • Use the links below to explore courses, see curriculums, learn more, and watch full lesson previews.
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ASL Progress Chart

I've tried many ways to learn sign language and THIS is the best instructor I've ever seen! I can actually learn and remember and now actually communicate with several deaf neighbors. The clear instructions, demonstrations, repetition and testing teaches and reinforces so easily! BEST TEACHER EVER!

Lizzie Hayes
Able Lingo ASL Student

Who Is This Guy?

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After you start getting into the swing of things and understanding what and how the classes are being taught it makes it a lot of fun to keep returning and learning for the future. The teacher himself would be someone that would be a great in person teacher too. Like one of those teachers that actually make you want to go to school.

Brendan Baker
Able Lingo ASL Student
Great course. As a mom of a Deaf child this course is providing me with great vocabulary and I especially love the way the tests are laid out.

Sharlene Heipel
Able Lingo ASL Student
I have found myself fingerspelling everything! Thank you for making this course so easy to understand & retain! I have shared with a few friends as well. I love the convenience of learning in my own home or in my own space. Thank you again!

Able Lingo ASL Student
Michael seems so delightful and genuine that it makes it more fun to watch the videos. My son and I are taking the class(es), and we smile our way through the whole thing.

Twila Olson
Able Lingo ASL Student
I appreciate that Michael keeps the same teaching methods across his courses. I can work on more than one at a time (such as signs AND statements) and develop my skills more well-roundedly.

Andrea Jordan
Able Lingo ASL Student
Easy way to learn basic signs!!! I have several deaf friends and really need this to be able to talk with them. I have been trying to learn sign language for years and have taken many courses. This is the best of them all!!

Ann Parker
Able Lingo ASL Student
It's great!!! We have a deaf friend we can now talk to after 10 yrs lol thanks

Antonio Carvjal
Able Lingo ASL Student
I just finished this course and I have to say that this has been the best money I've spent in my life. I enjoyed this course so much and learned a lot. I took at least one full section every day, but I never felt like I was just bottling information as we did in school. I got used to the format very fast so the learning felt very natural. At no point, I felt burnt out or overwhelmed. On the contrary, even though I feel a bit emotional that I already finished the course, I am super excited to go onto the next course right away!

Kenjiro García
Able Lingo ASL Student
I am loving this course so far! The instructor has a great personality, and he spends just the right amount of time teaching you each sign. There's also helpful quizzes at the end of each section for review. A lot of time and effort has been put into making this course, and I highly recommend it to others!

Jennifer Noll
Able Lingo ASL Student
I am raising my non verbal granddaughter and was advised to use sign with her. I need something that is easy to follow and I feel like it is a good match so far.

Samantha Valenzuela
Able Lingo ASL Student
I just want to say that you are awesome and your courses are amazing. You have a great way of teaching and are extremely nice about it. You are really good at explaining things and very likeable. We made a pact as a family to learn something new together and thought this would be great for my kids brains and awareness, inclusion etc and we are really hooked. Yes sometimes it is a little overwhelming because there is so much to learn but you have made the journey a really pleasant one and will definitely continue. This is something everyone in the community should learn. Just wanted to comment on that!

Ana Paniagua
Able Lingo ASL Student