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Course Length: 49 hrs 48 mins

Number of Lessons: 1,787

First 1000+ Essential Signs

Learn to sign and understand over one thousand signs. ASL tips, review, and dialogues included!

** Watch a few video lessons.


Lesson #934 of 1787
Lesson #1520 of 1787
Lesson #1248 of 1787
I can study at any time and any day. This makes it convenient for me as a mother of twins.

Emelitza Gonzalez
Able Lingo ASL Student

Course Length: 12 hrs 20 mins

Number of Lessons: 201

First 120 Basic Statements

Learn, practice, review, and master 120 useful ASL statements with 300+ vocabulary signs.

** Watch a few video lessons.


Lesson #54 of 201
Lesson #187 of 201
This is my second course learning from Michael, and I absolutely love it! You learn not only statements but also hundreds of vocabulary words. Great value and fantastic learning experience!

Jennifer Noll
Able Lingo ASL Student

Course Length: 10 hours 41 minutes

Number of Lessons: 310

Tips & Strategies

25+ Tips, Ideas, And Strategies + LOTS of Extra Practice To Enrich Your Journey

** Watch a few video lessons.


ASL Tip #23
ASL Tip #24
I just want to say that you are awesome and your courses are amazing. You have a great way of teaching and are extremely nice about it. You are really good at explaining things and very likeable. We made a pact as a family to learn something new together and thought this would be great for my kids brains and awareness, inclusion etc and we are really hooked.

Ana Paniagua
Able Lingo ASL Student

Course Length: 14 hrs 12 mins

Number of Lessons: 213

First 120 Basic Questions

Learn and master 120 YES/NO and WH questions in American Sign Language.

** Watch a few video lessons.


Lesson #77 of 213
Lesson #184 of 213
I love the format, love Michael's positivity and enthusiasm, and love the built-in repetition. I'm learning a lot and it's sticking!

Kara Long
Able Lingo ASL Student

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ASL Progress Chart

This course did a fantastic job being consistent, clear, and very thorough. I learned a lot and I will continue using the material to reinforce and refresh all these signs as I continue learning ASL. I already loaded another course by the same teacher and am excited to jump right in and learn more common phrases.

Sam Makita
Able Lingo ASL Student

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I really appreciate this professor and the content. This is my first official asl class/lesson/learning endeavor and I think the teaching style and organization fit perfectly to what I need! thank you prof

Katie Lea
Able Lingo ASL Student
Well paced, it's easy to slow down or speed up as needed, and I got tons of practice and review. I am a lot more confident with finger spelling now, and will try to get faster. Thanks!

Jena Gaines
Able Lingo ASL Student
This class exceeded my expectations; the instructions are very clear and the design of the course helps with learning signs and them sticking in your memory. I highly recommend this course!

Kylie Ream
Able Lingo ASL Student
I am so glad I found this class! It was perfect to start learning ASL. I feel confident now that as I continue learning signs, I will always have the option to fingerspell the words I haven't learned yet. Having lots of quizzes for recognition is very useful too!

Stéphanie Tsang
Able Lingo ASL Student
Able Lingo is stupendous; I wish I didn't have to work so I could spend more time training ASL. Funny, engaging; the format helps me retain as I am very visual in my learning structure.

Bruce W Carr
Able Lingo ASL Student
Best course I have taken on asl. Love that the test is on doing the signs but also comprehension when the teacher signs and we, the student, have to understand what is being signed back to us. I will take more of his courses!

April Harkness
Able Lingo ASL Student
From the beginning I knew this would be the course for me. I am doing the course at work and don't even use the sound, but I can still feel Michael's energy.

Michael Santoyo
Able Lingo ASL Student
I love the teachers energy and that he starts quickly. The first two lessons are things I can apply the same day I learn them to communicate with my toddler.

Melissa Chafins
Able Lingo ASL Student
This is a terrific first course for signing. The instructor does a great job of explaining the signs, and uses enough repetition to ensure the student learns them. One could not ask for a better instructor.

Donnie Porter
Able Lingo ASL Student
Excellent course!! Teacher is engaging, energetic, and thorough. He shows you the signs from the front & sides, and breaks down the phrases and words in a clear way. Perfect class for beginners! I never knew how facial expressions were so helpful within ASL communication. I'm excited to keep watching & taking more of his classes!

Laurie Fitrakis
Able Lingo ASL Student